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TEL: +91-22-30987686 / 27862936 FAX: +91-22-27564902,
We are the Indian exporters of Pharmaceutical Packaging Material +Cosmetic Empty Glass  Bottles
We are having the exclusive exports rights from the associates who are India's leading ISO 9001:2000 certified and having quality products.
We have a wide range of products such as:
Pharmaceutical (Human and Veterinary) Glass bottles: Infusions, injectables, syrups, droppers, tablets, ampoules and tubular vials; as well as accessories such as: rubber stoppers, pilfer proof caps , aluminium seals
,pet bottles, PP sterilized injectable plastic vials and bottles, plastic  dropper vials for eye/ ear drops.
In Cosmetic Empty Glass Bottles we provide all types of Perfume bottles, roll on bottles,Nail polish bottles, bottles for food and beverages, liquor industries.
We also have a 1000 meters warehouse at Mumbai port which gives us a
opportunity to stock goods for our customers in advance and maintain the
continuous supply of products as per requirements, thus gives our customers
a complete satisfaction of timely deliveries.
Contact Person: Mr.Shashank Sharma ,Managing Director.                                                   More featured supplier details

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