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Using email to market your product

 Email is the most popular application on the internet. It is also the most cost effective way to find new buyers for your product and communicate with them. You can the email addresses of  prospective buyers from various sources - websites, mailing lists, trade magazine. However converting an enquiry into a order, depends to a large extent on your email skills. Based on the feedback  from our customers and our own experience,  email marketing is discussed below .  A few  points to be considered while using email  for product promotion are:
1. Send a short introductory letter by email about your company and product  to each buyer. Ideally the mail should not be more than 4KB in size.
2. Please type the correct email address exactly as provided . Every email address is unique, and change of even a single character will result in the email going to the wrong address or bouncing back.
3. Do not send attachments/ pictures initially, include a link to your website. An email from an unknown email address with an attachment,  is likely to be directly deleted, without even checking the email. A customer had recently send an introductory mail, with an attachment of 400 KB to 30 dealers. When the same message was send in the body of the message, the response improved by  500%.

4.If the buyer is really interested in your product range they will visit your website. You can build your  website in a few hours,  for  less than  US$35 / Indian Rs 1500 a year . More details  Later if the buyer requests for more specific information, you can send an attachment by email.

5. In case you do not receive a response, send a reminder email after a week to check if your letter has reached the recipient. Alternately consider sending from some other  ISP/email address. Due to  bulk email / viruses, many email servers  block all emails originating from an ISP. The email servers of   ISPs have a fixed IP address. A virus on a single user's PC will result in emails from all ISP users bouncing.
6. Avoid sending letters on holidays for the particular region. If the recipient has a lot of mails , he/she may not pay much attention to your mail or the mailbox may be full. For example, for recipients in Europe & America send emails on Tuesday to Thursday.  In the Middle East, Friday is a holiday.
7. Keep the recipient informed about changes in your email address and website. You may not get a reply immediately, but the recipient could need information about your product after a year! 
8.It is advisable to provide at least 1 or 2 alternate address. Based on our experience, most email servers are not 100% reliable due to software problems, viruses, hackers, etc.
If an alternate email is provided, you can get at least 1 copy of the buyers response. 

8. If you send emails to thousands of companies from the bulk email lists available,  only 1- 2% may respond,  but if you send emails to even 30 companies from a carefully selected list, more than 50% could reply back. Checking the source and method by the email list has been compiled is important. Bulk email lists may be useful and accurate for consumer products and in countries with high internet usage.  If  the buyer enquiry is available only to a limited number of  suppliers, the possibility of  order conversion are higher.

9. If you have any other suggestions/ feedback about using email for business correspondence we will be happy to hear from you. Email  

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