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G 16, Shalimar Industrial Estate, Near Tata Power House, Matunga West, Mumbai – 400 019.
Tel.No: 2403 7398, 2403 8823, 2409 3276 ? Fax: 91-22-2403 7270
Acme Machinery (India) Pvt.Ltd. was established by Mr. Kantilal U. Shah in year 1961, as a trading unit in printing and allied machinery catering mainly to varied printing presses around India.
The company started its manufacturing activities in the year 1970 as a small-scale unit starting with Treadle Printing Press and Semi Automatic Paper Cutters and later on pioneering the manufacture of some of sophisticated machinery such as:
(1) Automatic Disc Ruling Machine from Reel to Sheet for Mfg. of Exercise Note Books.
(2) Programming Hydraulic Paper Cutting Machine
(3) Automatic Carton Folding & Pasting Machine.
(4) Die Cutting Machine
(5) Lamination Machine
(6) Automatic Punching Machine
(7) Corrugated Paper Board & Box Making Plant
(8) Paper Folding Machine
(9) Printer Creaser Slotter Machine
(10) Book Sewing Machine
(11) Stitching Machine
& Other Allied Machineries
We have given many machines to Government presses in India and have exported our machines in Tanzania, South Africa, U.A.E., Kenya, Botswana, Nigeria, and Nepal
The company started its export drive in 1973 with a corrugated box making plant supplied and installed in Bangladesh. Since then, it has been regularly exporting to Bangladesh, Dubai, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, East, West & South Africa, Egypt, Uzbekistan etc.
The company exports its products and machinery parts even to U.S.A., Germany and have supplied its box stitching machines to U.K.
The Company regularly takes part in international exhibitions, takes part regularly in Government Tenders and many of their machines have been commissioned in Government presses across India.
The company’s office is situated in the heart of the city of Bombay, with all modern communication facilities, including Fax, Telex and E-mail connections and has its manufacturing plants at several places in Mumbai. Acme is under the process of getting ISO9002 Certification.
We are an SSI unit, we are registered with DGS&D, WTC, Merchant Chambers, EEPC, NCTI, IPAMA, Indo-German, Indo-Arab, Indo-African Chamber of Commerce
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